Before you start the IVMO challenge, please read the following:

  1. There are 40 multiple choice questions in the challenge, each with 5 possible answers.
  2. Questions 1 – 25 each carry 2 marks, Questions 26 – 35 each carry 3 marks, and Questions 36 – 40 each carry 4 marks.
  3. The challenge is one hour long.
  4. Once you click on “Start” a clock will countdown and at the end of one hour your answers will be automatically saved and submitted.
  5. You can end the test before that by clicking on “Submit Test” on the final question.
  6. The grid of squares at the top will show you which questions you have answered.
  7. You can skip a question and come back to it later or revisit any question you have already answered by clicking on any question number in the grid.
  8. You will need paper for rough workings.
  9. You must not use a calculator or any other electronic device.

All the Best!!!