IVMO 2024

International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad

Welcome to IVMO 2024

Date: 30th November 2024

An international competition in speed, problem-solving, mathematical acumen and Vedic Maths techniques.
IVMO consists of one hour exam-like papers that test ability and speed in using Vedic Maths techniques and their applications to
problem-solving. Students who do not know the Vedic techniques may find difficulty in completing all the questions in the time
allocated but are welcome to have a go.
This year’s IVMO will be held on Saturday 30th November 2024

IVMO is available both online and in hard copy. The competition is organised through Centre Coordinators who can act on behalf of a
school or college or on behalf of individuals. Centre Coordinators can provide training or assistance in the Vedic Maths techniques.

There are six levels of entry as follows:

1. Lower Primary – 9 years and under

2. Upper Primary  – 11 years and under
3. Junior  – 13 years and under
4. Intermediate  – 16 years and under
5. Senior  – 18 years and under
6. Open  – no age limit