Meet The Team


james glover

James Glover-Chair (UK)


A researcher, author and teacher of VM for over 40 years. James has led numerous international teacher-training programmes and public courses on the subject. He has written seven books and published numerous papers and articles promoting VM. James has a long experience of curriculum design for Maths in schools.

james glover

Swati Dave-CEO (USA)

Director of Operations

An educational and project management consultant with over 20 years of experience in the fields of civil engineering,education and training. Swati likes working with young minds and strongly believes that educators and parents can work together to make learning Maths fun for all kids.

james glover

Marianne Fletcher (South Africa)


A Mathematics and Science teacher for 30 years. Marianne has been involved in starting up two new schools. Marianne has presented Maths talks and workshops in outreach programmes throughout South Africa. She has published several Physics and Maths articles and a Chemistry book.

james glover

Gowri Ramachandran- CFO (India)


Gowri is a trained Vedic Maths teacher qualified with distinction at the Vedic Maths Academy. She has presented introductory talks to groups of parents at guest lectures in schools, in Cebu, Philippines. Gowri is a Certified Chartered Accountant and currently works as an offshore partner in Penmetsa & Associates, India.


james glover

Raghavendra Prasad (India)

Raghavendra works as an Assistant Professor at RV College of Engineering in Bangalore. He has long experience of working with Vedic Maths and is specifically concerned with research into the applications of the system in digital electronics and technology. He has authored over 15 technical papers in various domains of computer science and mathematics.

james glover

Prajakti Gokhale (India)

For the past 25 years, Prajakti has worked as a freelance educator, facilitator, and teacher of statistics and mathematics - including Vedic and ancient Indian mathematics. Having worked with all types of students and teachers across India, she has extensive experience in designing need-based curricula for colleges, schools, and teacher training programs.

james glover

Ramyanitharshini Balaji-Operations and Social Media (Netherlands)

Ramyanitharshini is a chartered accountant from India and an ACCA member from the UK. She has over 3 years of experience in teaching Vedic Mathematics in Frankfurt, Germany and has conducted online workshops for students aged 8 to 13 across Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She has a great interest in creating thought-provoking questions and activities around VM topics.


Aditya (India)

Aditya works as a Business Consultant in Bangalore. He is a Mechanical Engineer with an MSc in Computational Science & MBA degrees. He has 16+ years of techno-commercial experience in domains like Oil & Gas, Power Generation, HVAC, Retail, Consumer Banking, etc. At IAVM, Aditya identifies potential partners and nurtures them into mutually beneficial relationships. He is a key member of various initiatives in the organization.


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    Vedic Maths Academy (UK)

    Founded by Kenneth Williams in 1998, the Academy offers courses, resources, newsletters through their online platform.The IAVM and VMA are closely affiliated and co-hosts the annual International Vedic Mathematics online conference.

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    Math-Inic (Philippines)

    Philippines-based MATH-Inic was founded by Virgilio “Ike” Prudente in 2011. Beyond sharing his passion for numbers,Ike aims to help establish a generation of Maths lovers. Since 2018, the IAVM has been a regular partner in holding the annual “Inspirational Maths from India” workshops for students and teachers.